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Our Officers

Al Herdklotz
Commander: Al Herdklotz
United States Navy/United States Air Force - Retired
Email: Al Herdklotz

David Banister - Adjutant
Adjutant: Dave Banister
United States Navy
Email: Dave Banister

Dean Taylor
Vice Commander: Dean Taylor
United States Air Force
Email: Dean Taylor

Jim Donsbach
2nd Vice Commander: Jim Donsbach
United States Army
Email: Jim Donsbach

Lou Pepin
Treasurer: Lou Pepin
United States Navy
Email: Lou Pepin

Jeff Mason
Chaplain: Jeff Mason
United States Navy
Email: Jeff Mason

Jim Donsbach
Historian: Jim Donsbach
United States Army
Email: Jim Donsbach

Danny Barnes
Sergeant @ Arms: Danny Barnes
United States Army
Email: Danny Barnes

Our Committees

Baseball Committee

Chairman: Tom Sapienza
Email: Tom Sapienza

Boys State Committee

Chairman: Open

Finance Committee

Chairman: Lou Pepin
Email:Lou Pepin

Grave Visits Committee

Chairman: Joyce Weidrich
Email: Joyce Weidrich

Membership Committee

Chairman: Open

Poppy Drive Committee

Chairman: Danny Barnes
Email: Danny Barnes

Scouting Committee

Chairman: Jeff Mason
Email: Jeff Mason


Donna Barnes
Email:Donna Barnes (Consultant)

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