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Veterans Day Flag bearers


The American Legion's support for Boy Scouts of America began at the Legion’s first national convention in 1919.

Today, American Legion posts sponsor more than 2,500 Scouting units across the country. This is natural for Legionnaires, who bring their service-learned skills and experiences as veterans to help build character and positive traits in our country’s youth. Few other post activities generate more goodwill from the community. The Legion annually honors the Eagle Scout of the Year at the national convention. The winner of the competition receives a $10,000 scholarship, and the three runners-up are each awarded $2,500 scholarships.

Troop 129

On April 12, 1927, the Rochester Council of the Boys Scouts of America accepted an application for charter for a troop of Boy Scouts and an application fee of $11.50 from William Cross, President of the Pittsford, New York Parent-Teachers Association. There would be a Scoutmaster with two assistants and the Troop Committee would consist of a Chairman and four other men including William Cross.

In October 1934, Red Jacket Council approved re-chartering of Troop 129 to Rayson-Miller Post of American Legion. There were 20 registered Scouts meeting at the School on Fridays. Several members and officers of the Post have served as Troop Committee members and leaders over the years. In 1935, Troop 129 had its first Eagle Scouts.

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Supporting Each Other

While Rayson-Miller Post 899 sponsors BSA Troop 129, we also have a working relationship with BSA Troop 341 and BSA Troop 167. You may learn more about these troops by clicking on their links.

These Troops assists in Rayson-Miller's in various activities. You will very frequently see members of all these Troops helping the Post at the various events held in the Town of Pittsford; such as: Paddle & Pour, Truck Rodeo and Music Fest, being flag bearers for our Veterans Day ceremony and more. Scouts working on their Eagle projects have also chosen projects within Rayson-Miller's purview.

Eagle Scout Medal2021 Eagle Scouts - CongratulationsEagle Scout Medal

BSA Troop 129

Court of Honors took place June 13, 2021 at xxxxxxx. Receiving the rank of Eagle Scout was Adam Badre.

Adam Badre - Troop 129 Eagle Scout

BSA Troop 341

Court of Honors scheduled for June 6, 2021 at Great Embankment Park. Scouts receiving the rank of Eagle Scout were:

    Sam Baker
    Henry Baker
    Aidan Braun
    Patrick Burke
    Jonathan Carney
    Jack DesRosiers
    Drew Kull
    Thomas Rice
    Jared Spanganberg
    William Tallarico

BSA Troop 341 Eagle Scouts Court of Honor 6-2021

BSA Troop 167

Court of Honors took place on May 23, 2021 at Powder Mills Park. Scouts receiving the rank of Eagle Scout were:

    Timothy Hutkowski
    Zachary Hutkowski
    Seamus Lang
    Rayan Masoom
    Robert O'Gara
    Miles Sirois

BSA Troop 167 Eagle Scouts

Scoutmasters of Troop 129 Through the Years

Years Name Years Name
1927-1929 August F. Wenzel 1973-1977 George Patric
1929-1931 Charles J. Clark 1977-1978 George Patric / Edward P. Cutter, Jr.
1931-1932 Hamilton Cockran 1978-1979 Edward P. Cutter, Jr. / Michael Peters
1932-1933 Warren W. White 1979-1980 Michael Peters
1933-1934 Lawrence F. Tack 1980-1981 Kyler F. Nelson / David McConnell
1934-1936 Clarence A. Nichols 1981-1982 David McConnell / Nicholas J. Love
1936-1937 Maurice J. Martin 1982-1984 Nicholas J. Love
1937-1939 Clayton A. Miller 1984-1987 Kenneth W. Nordstrom
1939-1941 Fred W. Sturm 1987-1989 Nicholas J. Love
1941-1943 Alfred S. Farnam 1989-1990 William B. Harper
1943-1947 Horace L. Rylott 1990-1991 William D. Eggers
1947-1949 Ruskin Raycheff 1991-1992 Vincent M. Lobe
1949-1950 Bernard J. Felch / Francis Cutter 1992-1994 Peter J. Shea
1950-1951 F. Hale Billings 1994-1995 Daniel McCarthy
1951-1952 F. Hale Billings / Charles Andrews 1996-1997 Ronald J. Pollock
1952-1953 K.E. Sumner / Ernest B. Kempster 1997-1999 Clayton C. Cloen
1953-1955 Clinton Steadman 1999-2001 Glenn Paynter
1955-1956 William H. Falls 2001-2003 Gerald Gacioch
1956-1957 Alfred S. Farnam 2003-2005 Martin Lasher
1957-1958 Ernest B. Kempster 2005-2007 Bruce Hummel
1958-1959 Ernest C. Lunger 2007-2009 Steven Denaker
1959-1960 William H. Falls 2009-2011 John Garnish
1960-1971 Alfred S. Farnam 2011-2013 Joseph Baldino
1971-1973 Paul F. Utz, Jr. 2013-present Peter Greaves-Tunnell

We understand that this list is not up-to-date and welcome any and all information to correct this listing.

Troop 129 Eagle Scouts

Year - Name Year - Name Year - Name Year - Name Year - Name
1935 Joseph E. Bennett 1981 Derek S. Easton 1995 George D. Kittridge 2003 Corbin Magee 2013 Freddy Stein
1935 Robert B. Windsor 1981 Scott W. McConnell 1995 Steven M. Corsello 2003 Daniel Goldman 2013 Keenan Shields
1936 Edward Wentworth 1983 Craig Dennison 1996 Dale M. Pollock 2003 Davis Judson 2013 Will Greaves-Tunnell
1939 Donald T. Bortle 1983 Stephen P. Stookey 1996 David W. McColgin 2003 Justin Stewart 2014 Jack Mancini
1939 Franklyn A. Johnson 1984 James A. Love 1996 Jeffery D. Serio 2004 Alexander M. Hummel 2017 James Walter
1948 Robert Hoesli 1984 Richard K. Miller, Jr. 1996 Stephen J. Salipante 2004 Garret Nelson 2017 Ryan Elia
1952 Thomas J. Hally 1985 Erik W. Morrison 1996 William B Reynolds III 2004 Harvey S. G. Williams 2018 Jack Mooney
1952 Wilfred Herzog 1986 Christopher J. Miller 1997 Christopher C Kittridge 2004 Patrick Kelly 2018 Jason Lipari
1953 John Morgan 1986 Douglas R. Miller 1997 David M. Privitera 2005 Christopher P. Beckman
1956 Edward Gramlich 1986 Greg P. Poduska 1997 Donald C. Flick 2005 Matthew J. Gacioch
1956 William King 1986 Kirk Easton 1997 James Lobb 2005 Nicholas S. Allwell
1957 David Lady 1987 Alan B. Bird 1997 Jesse H. McCarthy 2005 Zachary A. Nelson
1957 Thomas Darch 1987 Brian Curtis 1997 Nicholas D. Vega 2006 Brian H. Goldman
1957 William Harper 1987 Curtis D. Nordstom 1997 Patrick M. Moore 2006 David A. Miller
1958 Daniel McWilliams 1987 Jamison W. Janawitz 1997 Peter F. Mastrodonato 2006 Derek Lasher
1958 Edward Rubel 1988 Andrew Means 1997 Peter G. Isgrig 2007 Evan T. Garnish
1958 John Kempster 1988 Kendall A. Nordstom 1997 Robert O. Passmore 2007 Rob Parker
1958 Michael Deland 1988 Matthew J. Hyser 1998 Brent W. Gardner 2007 Spencer B. Hummel
1958 R. James Foster, Jr. 1989 David B. Kotalik 1998 Gerald D. Votava III 2007 Trevor Smith
1959 Laurence Brown 1989 Robert J. Castilone 1998 Lucas H. McCarthy 2008 Andrew Nitschke
1961 Fredrick Cummings, Jr. 1989 Scott P. Francis 1999 Adam G. Pollock 2008 Benjamin Brewer
1962 Charles D. Cook 1990 Andrew S. MacDowell 1999 Bryan Clutz 2008 Christopher Turner
1962 Peter G. Gillan 1990 Daniel W. Eggers 1999 Clifford A. Parsons 2008 Jacob Proano
1962 Scott A. Sullivan 1990 Greg Harper 1999 Matthew H. Walker 2008 Liam Michener
1963 James A. Brandt 1991 Jeffery M. Kotalik 1999 Paul M. Corsello 2008 William Brewer
1963 John W. Spalding 1991 Joel T. Helfrich 1999 Thomas F. Volpe 2009 Brian Page
1963 Robert J. Day Jr. 1991 Todd P. Francis 2000 Christopher M. Rzatkiewicz 2009 Garrett Wafler
1966 Gary T. Fellers 1992 Anthony T. Goode 2000 Jason M. Cloen 2009 Patrick Pfeiffer
1968 Bradford K. Grassmick 1992 Bejamin J. MacDowell 2000 Russell S. Chou 2009 Raymond Baird
1968 Paul R. Fiedner 1992 John F. Shea 2000 Steven Denaker 2009 Stefan Zavislan
1968 Ronald Nelson 1992 Keith M. Farnam 2000 Steven Passmore 2010 Ben Parker
1968 Terry E. Schreiner 1993 Austin N. Chang 2001 David J. Alva 2010 Daniel Page
1968 Thomas J. Dray 1993 James M. Mapes 2001 Donato Testardo 2010 Nick Greaves-Tunnell
1969 David M. Buzawa 1993 Michael Lobe 2001 Jameson Hutton 2010 Nick White
1971 Douglas D. Hollinger 1993 Timothy J. O'Brien 2001 Jeffery M. Jozefski 2010 Scott Colby
1972 Robert B. Nealon 1994 Chad P. Francis 2001 Michael Kelly 2010 Tyler Baldino
1973 Richard K. Sterman 1994 Clark N. Panzer 2001 Michael Volpe 2010 Zachary Ellingham
1975 Patrick W. Monahan 1994 Devin P. O'Keane 2001 Nicholas Walker 2011 Hunter P. Garnish
1976 David K. Patrick 1994 Matthew P. Acer 2002 Allen J. Paynter 2011 Marc Colby
1976 Douglas S. Czech 1994 Michael A. Hagerman 2002 Benjamin Cutter 2011 Nathaniel Kim
1976 Iain A. Currie 1994 Niall S. O'Keane 2002 Charles D. Paynter 2012 Eugene N. Charles
1977 Matthew Utz 1994 Randal C. Klein 2002 Colin Bov 2012 Joseph Proano
1978 Clyde H. Cutter 1994 Richard G. Goss 2002 Kyle Jozefski 2012 Vythand Alagappan
1980 David Stookey 1995 Christopher J. Garver 2003 Andrew G. Fernsten 2013 Andrew Riedout

We understand that this list is not up-to-date and welcome any and all information to correct this listing.

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